David Popp Convicted Of Murder

On March 6th, 2016 David Popp got a gun and brought it to his Milwaukee, WI apartment building on 92nd and Beloit. He shot three of his neighbors in the head – Phia Vue, Mai K. Xiong and Jesus Manso-Perez.


On August 11, 1992, the Hmong Cultural Center of Minnesota registered with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office as a non-profit organization. Over the past 25 years, the Hmong Cultural Center has served the Hmong and non-Hmong community with several important programs to promote education about Hmong culture and history and facilitate the adaptation of Hmong in American Society.

Declaration Of Hmong International New Year’s Day Celebrations

In Laos, by tradition, the Hmong celebrated their New Year celebrations for generations in either November or December each year based on the lunar calendar. The salience of the cultural celebrations is the time, when most important rituals are performed in remembrance of the ancestors.

Tenzin Dolkar – Minnesota’s New State Rail Director

Rail safety is a chief concern as goods and commodities are moved to market. Tenzin Dolkar has been appointed by Governor Dayton to continue the push to improve rail safety throughout the state of Minnesota. Dolkar is a Tibetan refugee.