Zanewood Recreation Center presents: What it’s like to walk in my shoes as a teen in Brooklyn Park.

By Mary Tan

Zanewood Recreation Center, in partnership with YMCA Intervention Services, presented the program, What it’s like to walk in my shoes as a teen in Brooklyn Park, to the Brooklyn Park City Council on Monday, November 27.

Councilmember Susan Pha introduced the program and several young people described what their lives are like growing up as a teen in the City.

The kids also talked about their own exploration and self-discovery amidst struggles and success and showed everyone the shoes they painted to reflect themselves. One shoe represents their walk of life in their early years and the other shoe represents their life now. For many of the program participants, the chance to express themselves via art was far more meaningful than just telling their stories orally.

The program was created by the City’s Recreation and Parks Department as a way to support the community’s goals of making sure teens have enough opportunities to thrive and feel like they have a voice.

This event was inspirational and full of hope for the future. Teen presenters were available for interviews prior to or after the presentation. Photos courtesy of the City of Brooklyn Park.

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